Recent Bugs and Improvements
Vero Cloud
Vero Connect
Improvements and fixes released throughout October and November:
  • Prevent duplicate SQL autocompletions
    - We fixed a minor bug that was causing each column name to appear twice in the autocomplete menu when using the SQL editor.
  • Save as Template and Liquid error modals not displaying correctly
    - Fixed a bug that broke the styles on popups within the drag and drop email editor.
  • Fix for link color in Gmail
    - Links made using the drag and drop editor were not adding text color to links in a way that was properly supported in Gmail. We've fixed this.
  • Copy/paste import option (in Workflows)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the copy/paste importer functioning in Workflows.
  • Align option on images "sticking"
    - In some cases, aligning an image in the drag and drop editor would not produce the desired result. We've tweaked things so it works every time.
  • Pagination and search in the Audience panel
    - You can now paginate and search the "Audience" panel in Newsletters after you've imported an audience via CSV, Google Sheets or SQL.
  • Self-service downgrades
    - To add to the "Delete customers by segment" functionality you can now downgrade your Workflows account if you're below your current plan's usage limits.
  • Google Sign-in
    - Fixed a bug that prevented login using Sign-In With Google if the primary email address was mixed case.