Recent Improvements and Bug Fixes
Vero Cloud
Vero Connect
We've had a busy few months working on our broader product vision and planning out the rest of the year to come (stay tuned). There's always bugs and improvements being made, so check out our recently deployed updates:
General Bugs and Improvements
  • Faster loading of Templates
    - We’ve made some performance improvements that make the Templates page (and anywhere in the app where you select a template) load much faster.
  • Fixed preheader to support multi-line inbox previews
    - The amount of white space added to a preheader has been increased to support multi-line inbox previews.
  • Ignore archived segment conditions when cloning a campaign
    - We’ve made some improvements to the way campaigns are cloned. If your campaign includes references to archived segments in its audience conditions, those conditions will not be included in the cloned campaign.
Newsletters Specific
  • Preview in Browser
    - Vero Newsletters now includes the ability to preview your messages in the browser without sending them to the inbox. If the message uses liquid to personalise the content, you can preview it with real data by searching for and selecting for any user included in your audience data. To find the preview in browser option simply choose ‘Preview via browser’ from the ‘Preview’ menu on any newsletter page or from the newsletters index.
  • Custom Domain records displayed as "Unverified"
    - Fixed an issue where the DNS records in a Custom Domain channel were being incorrectly listed as “Unverified” even though the record was valid and verified.
  • Error when previewing newsletter
    - Fixed an error that could prevent you from previewing a newsletter that included liquid variables.
  • Fixed show/hide desktop/mobile error causing UI to stop working
    - Quickly switching views in the drag and drop editor would cause some errors to occur in the UI, we have fixed this bug so feel free to switch views to your hearts content.
  • Domains appearing unverified
    - We fixed an error which would in some cases make custom domains incorrectly appear as if they were not verified.
  • Fixed error preventing the copy to clipboard buttons from working
    - You can now copy the domain and mx records to your clipboard as was intended.
Workflows Specific
  • Empty snippet search results
    - Fixed a bug that was causing snippet search results to appear empty when results did exist.
  • Missing queued status in message logs
    - We are now showing the queued status correctly in the logs for each campaign.
  • Better handling of archived and deleted segments
    - We’ve improved how the Workflows product handles archived and deleted segments. If a campaign references an archived or deleted segment, it will be displayed as having a corrupt condition in the UI to show it is no longer operating. We’ve also added a dialog that makes it apparent that a campaign references the segment that is being archived/deleted.
  • Event property personalization in Push previews
    - You can now preview push messages that use event data to personalize the content using liquid.