Recent improvements and fixes
Vero Cloud
Its been a busy few weeks at Vero working on some great new features (see above). We've also been working on a number of important bugs and improvements to Vero Workflows, check them out below:
  • Automatically add whitespace padding to Preheader text
    - When using the preheader option we now add white space characters to the end of your preheader text to prevent the body of the email from displaying directly after the preheader in the clients inbox. This ensures the text you add is the only text visible (in supported inboxes) along side the subject, when you have preheader option enabled.
  • Saving workflows with AB Tests
    - We've improved the reliability of saving complex workflows featuring AB tests. In some situations changes to these workflows were being lost despite indicating they were saved and not returning any errors.
  • Unsaved changes in a workflow
    - We've fixed a minor UI issue that incorrectly showed a message saying you had unsaved changes when navigating away from a workflow.
  • Subject field in webhooks for multi-language campaigns
    - We've fixed an issue that inserted the default subject field into webhooks instead of the subject for the selected language in multi-language campaigns.
  • "Negative" business days workflow condition
    - We've fixed an error that occurred when a negative value was used in a "X business days after" workflow condition.
  • Generate plain text content link
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented the Generate Plain Text link of email content from working when clicked.