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GSheets Clip - fcp
We've launched our latest way to access your data, via Google Sheets. Our newest Newsletters integration gives you immediate access to the data you already have stored in Google Sheets and lets you use that data to define who your newsletter will be sent to.
We have built this integration to give you more options for how to define a newsletter audience, so if you already have a spreadsheet with a list of customers or users you wish to contact, there's no need spend time transforming or copying that data into a different format, simply connect to your Google Drive and select the sheet you want to use.
Once you've selected a spreadsheet to use in your newsletter all the data in your selected spreadsheet is also available to use in the content of the email using liquid syntax, exactly the same way as you would with any other audience data.
Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature. We're really excited to see how you use it.